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IPSCs State-of-the-art Remote Operating Center is Now Open for Business

ALISO VIEJO, CA (October 01, 2021) - IPSC’s New Remote Operating Center Provides Fully Remote O&M Capabilities to Power Generation Companies Across the U.S.

IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC), a leading owner and operator of power plants across the U.S., today announced the launch of its remote operating center (ROC). The ROC, based at the company’s headquarters in Aliso Viejo, Calif., extends its operations and maintenance (O&M) service capabilities to further support the renewable power generation sector. Officially opened last month, the ROC now provides IPSC clients truly remote operation, monitoring and start/stop control of existing simple cycle gas turbine peaking projects.

Fully staffed by its experienced team of power professionals, IPSC’s ROC is compliant with NERC Medium-Impact CIP security protocols to ensure the utmost safety and privacy for client assets. Clients utilizing IPSC’s ROC can expect the following service offerings:

“IPSC is proud to bring our cutting-edge and completely remote operating center to market and to our clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” said Steve Gross, president and chief executive officer at IPSC. “As a power generation company known for innovation, taking this next step to offer truly remote operations supports our long-term goal of helping companies transition to renewable energy while still ensuring optimal ROI for our clients.”

The ROC’s remote O&M services are beneficial in providing a centralized approach to plant management. Additionally, it gives customers a competitive edge with optimized financial performance through improved staffing. When customers switch to the ROC, it enables them to focus on future-forward business priorities while still meeting existing goals and objectives.

“Clients can rest assured that the ROC will provide continuous remote management to drive the next-generation efficiencies necessary in today’s competitive landscape,” continued Gross. “And with an encrypted cyber-secure VPN, they can feel confident that all information is completely protected.”

IPSC is a result-oriented leader in the power generation industry and known for providing world-class services to every project it oversees. As an owner-operator, IPSC understands that minimizing operational risks while maintaining regulatory and environmental compliance is key to the success and longevity of every facility.

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