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IHI Power Services Corp.

IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) was specifically formed to provide operations, maintenance, management, and power plant support services to the US power generation industry.

The IPSC team of energy professionals delivers “Value Added” service though years of hands-on experience in the power generation industry.

By using proven programs, industry “Best Practices” and our core “Beliefs and Values”, IPSC provides world-class service to each facility and project we manage.

Our Commitment to Diversity Respect and Inclusion

At IHI Power Services Corp (IPSC), we are committed to making Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion part of everything we do — from how we work together, build our workforce, local community involvement, and choose outside partnerships. These are the pillars guiding our company and fueling our growth.


We understand the importance of an inclusive, respectful, and diverse culture. We value the importance of creating an environment that represents the world in which we live. Our goal is to have an inclusive workforce that reflects the diverse makeup of our employees, generations, and locations, as well as taking into consideration factors such as race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, culture, and veteran status.

At IPSC, our most valued asset is our employees. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone’s voices are heard. We strive to create a workplace in which all employees are valued, included, respected, and empowered to do their best work, bringing great ideas and opinions to the table. Each employee’s unique experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints add value to our ability to create and deliver the best possible service and operational excellence to clients.

We use industry best practice standards to incorporate these values. Creating and sustaining a culture that recognizes our skill sets, unique qualities and cultural experiences ensures equal access to opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

What Does Diversity, Respect, and Inclusion Look Like At IPSC?

Meet Our Diversity Respect and Inclusion Council


Respect Makes Us Better,
Inclusion Makes Us Stronger,
Diversity Moves Us Forward.



Our Council plays a vital role in ensuring we maintain an inclusive culture to facilitate leadership and employee engagement.

Inclusion is ongoing-not a one off. Diversity Respect and Inclusion is not just an initiative or program it is a commitment from the entire organization.

At IHI Power Services we do what is right…by treating everyone with respect, valuing their differences and empowering everyone to have a voice.

IPSC’s Guiding Principles System is founded in working together as a Team. No one person can monitor and control the complete operation of a plant. As a result, we must share our knowledge, skill and experience in tandem to completely understand and productively respond to the challenges of running our plants.

This system establishes a guide for leaders to empower and create opportunities for our Team Members to apply their knowledge and creativity on the job. Every IPSC Team Member is empowered to work in a manner that drives not only our individual success, but IPSC’s success, as well as the success of our Owners.

The Guiding Principles System benefits everyone, from the technician to the plant managers, to stay focused on our business and create an environment where all Team Members are working for a shared goal and optimal results.

The five elements of the Guiding Principles are described below.


Associated Behaviors:
Bottom line: Strive for continuous professional, personal, and team improvement. Be objective and open minded to grow our Team.


Associated Behaviors:
Bottom line: Treat everyone with dignity and consideration


Associated Behaviors:
Bottom line: Accept responsibility. Follow through on commitments with a sense of ownership.


Associated Behaviors:
Bottom line:Hold the highest standards of business and personal ethics


Associated Behaviors:
Bottom line: Empower people to create their own success. Opportunities are endless.

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IPSC’s all new state-of-the-art NERC CIP Medium compliant Remote Operating Center (ROC), headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services to power generation companies across the United States.
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IPSC provides O&M Services, Technical Support, Asset Management, and Environmental, Health & Safety Programs. Our team consists of over 700 employees that provide and deliver a diverse set of power industry services from operations to personnel effectiveness.
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With over 50 years in the environmental field, IHI Power Services Corp. brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients. Not only are we well versed in air, water, waste and chemical medias, we are also skilled in multiple environmental disciplines, including permitting, compliance, regulatory, due diligence, and environmental management systems.
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