Rio Bravo Jasmin

Rio Bravo Poso

Rio Bravo Jasmin (RBJ) is located in the heart of California’s oil producing region in Kern County near Bakersfield. RBJ is a 35MW facility presently operating on coal and petroleum coke fuel and typically operates during the summer peak demand season. The power produced by RBJ is purchased by Southern California Edison through long-term Power Purchase Agreement.

The facility utilizes circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler technology with thermal NOx control for a more complete and efficient burn of the fuel, improving plant performance and reducing plant emissions.

Rio Bravo Jasmin is a partnership venture between IHI Power Generation and North American Power Group. IPSC provides operations and maintenance services under an Operations and Maintenance agreement.

Project Overview

Location: Bakersfield, California
Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) steam generating unit
Fuel Type:
Coal and pet coke
In-Service Date: 1989
Capacity: 35 MW net
30-Year Power Purchase Agreement with Southern California Edison.  Qualified Facility status by virtue of sending steam into oil field for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), expires 2020
Ownership: IHI Power Generation Corp. 50% North American Power Group (50%)
Operator: IHI Power Services Corp.
  • Contact Information:
  • Bob Freidt, Plant Manager
  • (661) 792-3048
  • Address:
  • 11258 Porterville Hwy.P.O. Box 81077
  • Bakersfield, CA 93308