The Brooksville facility began life in 1948 as a 150 MW pulverized coal boiler in Indiana. In 1987, the cross compound steam turbine plant was moved to its current location in Florida at a site located at the old Brooksville "Gregg Mine". As the only active power plant of its size contained in a mine, the site is under Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations, not the standard OSHA regulations. Operating under the name Central Power & Lime, the cogeneration plant provided steam to a cement kiln that shares the same property. In 2012, the unit was modified to a 70 MW Detroit Hydrograte Stoker and the fuel source converted to biomass. The facility utilizes an SCR for NOx control and an ESP for particulate matter control.

The facility is owned by Florida Power Development, LLC. Effective March 1, 2015, IHI Power Services Corp. provides operations and maintenance services under an O&M agreement. IPSC was chosen as the O&M provider, in part, due to its extensive experience in biomass plant start-up processes and its expertise in fuel management and fuel procurement.

Project Overview

Location: Brooksville, Florida
Technology: Detroit Stoker Hydrograte
Fuel Type: Woody Biomass
In-Service Date: 1987 (Coal), 2012 (Biomass)
Capacity: 70 MW
Output: 20-Year Energy Purchase Agreement with Progress Energy, Florida
Ownership: Florida Power Development, LLC.
Operator: IHI Power Services Corp. (effective March 1, 2015)
  • Contact Information:
  • Brent Yatman, Plant Manager
    Kimberly Brown, Admin
    Carol Reyna, Admin
  • (352) 799-7881
  • Address:
  • 10311 Cement Plant Road
  • Brooksville, FL 34601