Power Plant Management Services from IHI Power Services Corp. Help Owners Reduce Expenditures

In plants across the country, plant owners are faced with the task of maximizing plant availability while reducing expenditures. This is a constant challenge for even the leading firms within the power generation field and so many turn to plant O&M specialists such as IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) for expertise and guidance in training employees and overseeing process optimization. The power generation experts at IPSC have decades of experience serving clients across the country with a broad range of power plant management services.

IPSC has taken a leadership role within the power plant maintenance field. Their team members have run the operations of a broad range of power plants throughout the United States and the company’s experts now have immense experience in all power plant roles and processes. This allows IPSC to offer their clients a dynamic range of power plant services.

Consider for example their technical support services.  IPSC can provide comprehensive technical power plant services. The IPSC team has been instrumental on over 30 plant start-ups across the US and has all the requisite skills to effectively interface with the construction management team and power owner throughout every stage of the project.The IPSC experts help owners anticipate and respond to any potential challenges they may face during the startup process. This streamlines the transition from the construction phase to the beginning of commercial operations.

Within their work overseeing plant operations, the specialists at IPSC are also committed to helping plants achieve compliance with the latest environmental regulations. IPSC’s staff has great experience in environmental, health and safety programs and institutes and manages their own programs to ensure the plant is meeting its obligations under current emission regulations and in compliance with workplace safety procedures to protect employees. IPSC implements environmental audits, as well as providing training and stewardship to employees on the latest environmental regulations. They also act as plant representatives during site visits from regulators to ensure all assessment work showcases the firm’s exceptional commitment to environmentally safe and effective processes. It’s a comprehensive environmental services suite that ensures power plants meet the challenges of evolving legislation.

The team at IPSC works tirelessly to ensure plant owners meet their future objectives. To learn more on their services and their company history, contact their offices directly at or visit their business website today via www.ihipower.com