IHI Power Services Corp. Highlight the Benefits We Bring to Power Plant Facilities through Comprehensive Operations & Maintenance Services Agreements

Power plant owners are under constant pressure to maintain strong productivity levels while complying with the latest environmental legislation. This can be a significant challenge for facility owners with growing plants and a broad range of business goals, so they often need to employ third-party power plant operators to help guide the organization to long-term success. One of the leading third party contract operators serving power plant facilities across the country with leading-class operations & maintenance expertise is IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) and in this article our team highlights the benefits of our full services suite.

Complete Operations & Maintenance Training for Power Plant Facilities

A leading advantage of working with IPSC is the experience our company brings to facilities. The IPSC team has a comprehensive background history of working with power plant owners to improve the performance of their teams. This improvement begins with thorough training. As part of their full suite of operations & maintenance services, IPSC will train teams to complete complex processes within the facility. For example, we can offer NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) training as part of an operations & maintenance agreement. IPSC’s NERC training covers elements such as critical infrastructure protection compliance and the creation and improvement of the plant’s internal control program.

Professional, Results-Focused Project Management

IPSC is a company driven in achieving results for their clients. We utilize our  in-depth understanding of equipment performance to ensure power plant owners achieve their long-standing project objectives. Each element of our project is overseen by a highly qualified specialist from the very first stage of the start-up processes. As part of IPSC’s expert project management work, we can help teams anticipate any challenges that might arise during project completion, thereby helping to mitigate costly issues that could stall the project and reduce productivity. IHI Power Services Corp’s team works tirelessly to ensure that each project is built to avoid cost overruns and schedule delays.

Preventative Maintenance Planning

Power plants must be prepared to manage the maintenance requirements for their equipment. Without a comprehensive understanding on systems architecture, firms may lose track of the maintenance needs for their facility. This can lead to significant drops in productivity and a greater risk of equipment malfunctions. By utilizing OEM data and our team’s experience working with plants across the country, the IPSC experts can implement customized maintenance plans to improve plant profitability while lowering overall operations & maintenance costs. IPSC can also implement procedures for setting up and installing new equipment within the facility, to help owners streamline systems management and ensure all areas of the facility are working to peak capacity 24/7. It’s the trusted service solution for exceptional power plant performance in the long-term.

IPSC is now a market leader for a broad range of operations & maintenance services. To learn more about us and our results-based strategies, contact our team directly at (949) 297-0840 or visit our website today at www.ihipower.com.