IHI Power Services Corp. Are Leaders for Full Suite of Power Plant Operations & Maintenance Services

Power plant management staff across the country has a growing number of day-to-day tasks to which they must attend. These responsibilities range from guaranteeing the facility is operating within its emission targets to ensuring the plant operates optimally in terms of, heat rate, availability, reliability safety and cost. The role of power plant management is now becoming ever more diverse and challenging. These new dynamics are motivating power plant owners to utilize the expertise of third party power plant operations and maintenance firms such as IPSC.

IPSC is now offering a complete range of customizable and site-specific operations & maintenance programs for power plants. Our service is based on decades of experience managing a diverse range of plant types, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the day-to-day challenges that a power plant presents to its operators. IPSC is an industry standout when it comes to Plant O&M due to the broad range of expert services it can supply.

As part of our work in preparing companies for the future of the power generation industry, IPSC offers maintenance planning and management expertise. We can help firms draw up plans for preventative maintenance on each of their systems, ensuring that turbines, boilers and other critical systems remain operational and performing to peak standards throughout the year. This preventative maintenance work enables advanced scheduling of major equipment maintenance, devising procedures for completing the maintenance, and ensuring staff has a comprehensive understanding of the requirements and expectations of the maintenance process.

The experience offered by IPSC in power plant management and power industry equipment engineering is second-to-none within the marketplace. Our team has experience across all main fuel types including coal, natural gas, biomass, geothermal, and hydro. This experience suite means we are able to respond to any challenge clients are facing in managing their facilities. Plant owners are increasingly turning to IPSC for technical support within their plants. IPSC’s technical support leadership covers the entire process from the start-up to the decommissioning of plant equipment and ensures that companies maintain cost-efficient, safe, and productive processes at each stage of their project’s development. Our first-class management drives long-term plant success.

To learn more on how IPSC can empower success within power plant facilities, speak with the team directly today at (949) 297-0840or visit www.ihipower.com.