IHI Power Services Corp. Helping Power Plant Operators Meet Future Targets with Operations & Maintenance Services

Within power plant environments, teams must plan and co-ordinate their operations meticulously on a day-to-day basis to ensure their processes are optimized over the long-term. Proper planning requires a comprehensive knowledge of plant technologies and an understanding of how the power plant can utilize its assets to achieve operational objectives. With decades of experience in a wide range of power generation technologies, the team at IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) supports power plant owners with a flexible suite of operations & maintenance services.

IPSC acts as a third-party operator to help plant owners achieve the full economic potential of their plant resources. IPSC is built to provide U.S. power generators with experienced professionals who can utilize their years of hands-on power industry experience to ensure optimal the operation of power plant fleets. An example of the company’s power plant operations & maintenance services is their training guidance. The company’s experts work with plant teams to ensure they are committed to and capable of meeting the industry’s best practices. Through customized training programs aligned with the client’s plant objectives, the IPSC team guides plant workers on their roles within the organization. It’s a service that assures companies of consistently productive working environments and focused personnel.

IPSC also has great experience in the area of maintenance planning. Their team can help plant operators understand the costs of shutdowns and mitigate these costs utilizing set maintenance program. The IPSC staff crafts customized maintenance programs for plant operators designed to take into consideration the current market environment and the potential long-term operational issues the company may face regarding their equipment. This expert planning guidance empowers proactive decision-making and helps prevent shortfalls in productivity due to unexpected plant downtime.

Another key area in which IPSC specializes is staffing. Because of the company’s experience at the helm of a large number of power plants, they have developed an understanding on plant staffing requirements. The company’s staffing services have become a critical element of their power plant operations & maintenance suite, as they’ve helped clients hire plant personnel and streamline relationships between their staff management and employees. The company’s staffing expertise also extends to special project management requirements. IPSC helps firms identify and recruit qualified specialists to maximize success at each stage of project implementation including development, engineering, construction, and commissioning.

It’s a leading-class operations & maintenance suite designed to ensure power plant operators achieve maximum performance from their work teams. To learn more on the full range of services now offered through the team at IPSC, please contact their offices directly at (949) 297-0840 or visit their business website via www.ihipower.com.