Our Culture

Steve Gross

To assertively minimize risk and maximize value at IHI Power Services Corp., we have developed a unique philosophy and culture.  This culture is based on specific fundamental beliefs and values that are engrained in all aspects of our business.  Our beliefs and values go beyond the workplace as they are part of our lifestyle. Our company beliefs and values are highlighted below:

Company Beliefs

  • Safety and Health
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Test for Aptitude and Hire for Attitude
  • Employee Growth and Development
  • Business Growth and Development
  • Work Belief System - defined below

Company Values

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Adaptability – Agility - Resilience
  • Self-Motivated - Can Do Attitude
  • Questioning Attitude

The IHI Power Services Corp. beliefs and values are infused into our Work Belief System (WBS). Our WBS is a unifying company philosophy/culture that guides the way we all work on a daily basis. This philosophy and culture consists of seven fundamental principles that are based on the assumption that “you know how to do your job and that you will do the right thing” to ensure we operate and manage our business in a safe, compliant, efficient and effective manner every day. Implementing the WBS allows us to continuously create consistency, leverage best practices across our fleet, and build a platform to success. This mode of management easily translates to our customers, providing the same positive results.

The WBS include the following seven principles that are engrained in our business and employees:

Results Focus

Results Focus means concentrating on business outcomes rather than activities as measures of success. We emphasize the result, not the activity involved. Activities are performed only as they contribute to achieving desired results. Profit, continuity, safety, environmental stewardship, and individual and organizational development are what we use to measure our success. All too often, organizations fall short of their goals because they lose sight of their real purpose and objectives. They look at the wrong targets. Our focus must be on how our work contributes to the end results.

Common Objectives

Common objectives means following objectives that make sense from both a business and an individual standpoint. Common objectives are those that add to your feeling of ownership in the company. Pursuing common objectives also increase our stake in the success of our business and lead employees towards achieving them. The focus is “all working towards the same goal”.


Multi-Skilling means extending our skills and capabilities beyond predefined boundaries in order to contribute to the company’s goals. Given this broad background, the individual can perform a wider variety of tasks, and expand their own opportunities to contribute to the company’s success.

Principle Driven

Principle Driven means that principles are used as the basis for making decisions and solving problems. In other words, rules or procedures that unnecessarily restrict the employee’s ability to solve problems are counter to our business interests and desired results. We emphasize flexibility in policies and procedures that encourage employee autonomy and responsibility.

Strive for Improvement

Strive for improvement means work progressing through small corrections and advancements at the appropriate level. We believe employees who are in the best position to solve problems and make improvements should do it, and they are encouraged to do so. Individuals and teams should not only solve known problems, they should aggressively seek out and assist others in solving problems and improving effectiveness.


Teamwork is the basic foundation on which the WBS is built. This basic principle asserts that no one person can monitor and control all aspects of the business. As a result, we must pool our knowledge and energy to work in tandem to completely understand and productively respond to all of the business challenges.

Total Task

Total task means every part of every task is important. Therefore, when working on any project, it is important not to break the work down into “good jobs” and “bad jobs”. Instead, every employee must be engaged in the total task. Focusing on the total task promotes teamwork, contributes to our common objectives, and demonstrates our results focused element.

By combining our WBS with selecting creative, energetic, and motivated employees, we drive our success and the success of our clients.