Richard R. Carter

Plant Manager, Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station

Richard R. CarterRichard Carter's 40 + years of experience in management of power plant businesses, assets, their people, operations, maintenance and engineering on US and international plants has resulted in a thorough understanding of the elements of successful management and leadership. His ability to effectively communicate this understanding along with effective motivation skills results in very successful leadership of power plant management across several plant technologies.

Mr. Carter's leadership skills have been utilized to take responsibility for several successful power plant turnaround efforts. The turnaround efforts have included power plant rebuilds in order to achieve significantly reduced O&M expenses along with increased capacity factors. He is especially skilled at turning around power plant operating and maintenance cultures such that the crew becomes a very effective team working toward common goals.

Mr. Carter's experience includes being responsible for a five power plant fleet that had a capacity of more than 3000 MW. He has been responsible for O&M mobilizations both domestically and several international assignments. He is also an experienced management consultant of both domestic and international power plants.

Richard’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautical Engineering from California State Polytechnic University at San Luis Obispo, California